Tuesday Travels | Greenville South Carolina


i mentioned a couple times before that my friend kelce and i road tripped south for our friend joy's senor art show. we spent some time adventuring around greenville sc before the show, mostly looking for coffee but we happened upon a couple gems along the way. i always forget that downtown greenville is so cute. the rest of the place is a dump heap. (no offense if you love it there but its pretty gross and ugly. just keepin it real here.) anyway, i really do love downtown and they have put a lot of work into it. and it really does look great! cute shops, great greens, and that bridge really is something.

fun fact, there are a lot of dogs there.

we walked the length of downtown. finally found coffee at spill the beans. (here.) i showed kelce the bridge and the park. and we just had a lovely time enjoying the spring weather and finally wearing sandals and short sleeves. we ate a cupcake and did a little more thrifting before we headed over to help joy get ready for the show. after she was all prepped we went back to our friend hope's where we were staying, threw on a dress and went to the show. we had a great time seeing all the designers work and standing around talking with kevin and tesia.

i was so impressed with joy and all her hard work. i was just telling someone the other day, that i have a special love for people who have something in common with me, but are totally different. joy is one of those friends. we are both creatives but we are so different in how we process, design, think, dress, and everything else. and i love her so much because of that. she is such a great girl and has been a really great friend. i am just so proud of her.

^^kelce had never been in an anthropologei before so we got to experience that.

^^freaking out over the flowers still. 

 ^^obligatory jumping picture.
 ^^love this one so much!

 ^^for some reason this picture makes me think of popeye...
 ^^my excited for spring face.
 ^^we were honestly just really excited about the grass.
^^always make time for cupcakes.
 ^^just look at that grass. and that light. i could have looked at that for hours.
 ^^i don't want to sound full of myself but i love this picture kelce took. i wish is wasn't me because i want to paint it. i might still. that lighting was simply lovely.

 ^^fun fact. this building is named after me...not really.
^^the artists.

^^the lovely artist herself! 

we headed home on sunday and about halfway it started to rain. kelce says that is the perfect way to end a trip and i think i agree. its mellow and it washes everything. like a new start. a refresh button, to go back to normal like with a perspective you didn't have before. i'm heading to nashville tomorrow to visit with my sisters and hopefully get around to seeing the new place i will be calling home. i am so excited to live in this new city with new people and new adventures. i have always had a thing for moving on, and its finally time. thats funny because it always rains here. its like its telling me to go and start fresh. i will gladly do so.


  1. I feel like those ducks should know us by name, for all the times we've photographed them. Love you! Be safe!

  2. wow! i really love your photography. looking at these was just a joy. all the colors and the fun scenes and words you put in between them. wonderful.

  3. Holy cow that tree was pretty sweet. I love adventures, and reading about them of course. :)

    Naturally Jes

  4. These are gorgeous pictures, the aerial shot is just breath taking really!

    x itsleli.com x

  5. oh man, i love those flowers. and that moose cafe looks just darling.
    and you and kelce are officially the prettiest. (basically, i just love this entire post)

  6. oh, my gosh. I really like this. :D so much joy and fun and happiness all enveloped in such a lovely post. seriously, your stills are amazing. ;) xx

  7. Amazing, amazing Abbey! I think I've asked you before but I cant remember, what lens do you use? Your photos make me want to bow down to you. So perfect!

    1. i use a 50mm 1.4 fixed! i love it, i rarely use anything else! the 1.8 are less expensive i believe though and they are just as fantastic. =)