Common Grounds Project | Kelce Frank


our trip to south carolina was such a success! but more on that later. todays common grounds project is with one of my three remaining high school friends. kelce is the oldest in a big family and she has been a kindred spirit for many years. we wondered around the city and stopped at a little coffee shop called spill the beans. it was pretty good! kelce only drinks decaf coffee which is so hard for me to imagine. i was thinking of the questions on the fly and it was super hard. we did a lot of laughing and it was all around a great time. here is kelce's interview.

Me: If you were going to buy any coffee from anywhere what would you get?

Kelce: Well when I go to new coffee places I always get the mocha because I kind of understand what their coffee is by the mocha.

Me: Plus its never like, gross because its chocolate. . .

Kelce: Yea it’s never gross.

Me: If you could do anything in the world, money, or time wasn’t a limit, what would you do?

Kelce: I would go on a safari, because I want to see a real giraffe.

Me: You know we can see those at the zoo?

Kelce: I know but their not in their territory!

Me: You want to see it in the wild?

Kelce: Yea (laughing)

Me: What is a fun fact about you?

Kelce: That’s a tough one. . . well there’s a lot so let me pick one. . .I’m terrible at accents.

Me: Do one.

Kelce: I can’t I’m terrible at them!

Me: Try. Just try like, a southern accent.

Kelce: (tries to say hey y’all, sounds like a northerner.)

Me: why do you think . . .

Kelce: I know one!  I know a fun fact!! I can touch my nose with my tongue! (Demonstrates.)

Me: Whoa.

Kelce: (laughing)

Me: ooh! If you could go back in time and tell your parents to name you anything, what would it be?

Kelce: Skyler!

Me: Middle name?

Kelce: Anything but Rozanne. (Laughing)

Me: Would you say, personality wise, that you are a cupcake, or a piece of cake?

Kelce: . . . a piece of cake. Because I have lots of layers.

Me: What’s something that you wish you were talented at?

Kelce: I wish I could play the piano. . . but I just can’t. I took three years of lessons, and I still just can’t.

Me: Do you have a favorite sibling?

Kelce: Nobody’s going to see this right?!

Me: I mean yea, I’m going to put it on facebook. . .?

Kelce: Well, I guess I never really thought about it so no. I don’t.

Me: Okay top two.

Kelce: Okay Kira. . . Kori’s going to hate me. . .Kira and Kaylee. I love them.

Me: You love them all a lot, but their your top two. That’s okay! What is one moment in life you wish you could go back and change?

Kelce: If I could change anything? I would probably go away to college.

Me: What’s your favorite memory growing up?

Kelce: I mean camping in general, but my favorite one growing up was, making breakfast for my mom in the middle of the night in our bathroom with a griddle and we put it over the toilet to make it stay. We were just flipping pancakes in the bathroom. Totally a frank thing to do.

Me: Do you have anything else you would like to add? Any life tips for me?

Kelce: Take lots of road trips. And this was like the best road trip ever.

thanks so much for doing this with me kelce! and thanks for the awesome road trip! it was one of the best.

do you have any great questions you can think to ask someone? coming up with all these questions has been the hardest part and i would love to know your favorite thing to ask someone. have a wonderful wednesday!


  1. Man, that coffee shop is so adorable. and her story about flipping pancakes in the bathroom... I can't decide if that's totally awesome or totally gross. :P
    I wish I could help you out with question ideas, but I'm the absolute worst at stuff like that.

    1. i know! she is crazy and comes from a crazy family with crazy stories. but they are all hilarious and awesome!

      and its the thought that counts yea? haha thanks for reading and commenting! its such an encouragement!

  2. Oh, these simple joys in life! your post seems to embody them.

    I've followed you via Bloglovin'!
    I'd be very happy to see you in my blog sometime too.

    Style Nirvana

    1. thank you!! and i would love love love that!

      also love your style!

  3. Seeing a giraffe in the wild is totally the raddest thing I have ever done (alongside with elephants and lions and leopards). This post made me miss those times - they were amazing.

    Gorgeous post once again Abbey! Where do you find all these amazing coffee places? haha

    1. oh my gosh i'm totally jealous! hahah the coolest thing i've been able to do like that was hold a koala at the crocodile hunters zoo there in australia! hahah his name was leno and he peed on my friend!