Thrifty Thursday


i'm a pretty avid thrifter. we grew up shopping at goodwill's and salvation armies, not because it was cool, but because we were growing kids and didn't have a ton of money. we also used to get bags of old clothes from people at church and i remember how excited we would be to dump it out on the floor and sort through it. those were the days man. we had no idea about money and getting something "new" to us was something special. now that thrifting had become this hipster thing to do it kind of cracks me up because i can actually say, "i thrifted before it was cool!" thats how life goes i suppose. now i'm not trying to toot my own horn but i'm actually pretty good at finding gems in what is sometimes a dump heap. here are seven tips for you next time you decide to go.

1. be patient. i know so many people who say they can never find anything when they try to thrift. you really have to be willing to sort through a lot.

2. have ideas of what you're looking for or the space you are trying to fill. if you just go all the time and get junk you'll become a pack rat. remember that stuff isn't important at all.

3. pee. i know that sounds ridiculous but honestly if you have to use the bathroom you will probably just get frustrated and leave.

4. gift thrift! i love getting birthday gifts from the thrift store! you never have to worry about someone getting them the same thing!

5. learn how to sew. i can't tell you how many things i've bought and then remade into something else. (i'll post on that later.)

6. know where you're thrifting! i love to go when i'm traveling because chances are, if you're in/near a city, the clothing quality will go up. thrift around rich people and you will find some pretty amazing stuff. its crazy what people get rid of!

7. go with a buddy. my friend kelce also grew up like me and she is one of my favorite to go with. you always find things for each other and then you cover the thrifting ground in about half the time!

i hope that helps a little! i can't stress how important number 3 is! the picture at the top is a shot of just a few of my favorite items i've found along the way. hopefully as the weather warms up i can start sharing about clothing more. where is your favorite thrift store? have you ever found anything amazing? have a happy thursday!


  1. Those are beautiful finds! I absolutely love thrifting.

  2. I'm totally with you about #3, LOL! I, too, grew up thrifting with my family before it was cool; I used to get all my clothes from second hand stores in middle school before it become a fad thing. I love getting old records or cool clothes from the thrift store. And you should totally show off more of your finds, I'd love to see them! :D

  3. Haha I love number 3! So essential, I agree.

    and on another note, when do you find the time to blog everyday? You're my daily dose of inspiration :) never stop