i suppose i should update this thing once in a blue moon? hi hi my name is abbey and i am a wanderer! i'm in my mid twenties and still don't know what i want to be when i grow up. i have a degree in studio art and i photograph weddings. and anything else really. i love photography and the feeling of catching a moment forever. i really think there's nothing better.

okay maybe one thing and that would be Jesus. i am constantly blown away with the way he cares for me and teaches me. (sometimes the same lesson over and over ...)

i love coffee, but who doesn't?

i want to see the world. i've actually been pretty blessed to see a lot of it. i have the travel bug for sure and can't wait to go over seas again!

i don't get bored, i get creative.

i wish taco tuesday was a thing in america and everyone had to eat them every tuesday. then we could all just bond over tacos. 

i love the instagram.

this is turning into a list. but thats okay because i love lists. sometimes i say my lists to people just so i can say them out loud and remember them. 

i hope you enjoy this bit of crazy i have here at abbey deer. i promise not all my stories are about peeing.

 if you have any questions about booking a session or a wedding please shoot me an email at abbeydeerest@gmail.com or even look me up on facebook at abbey deer photography or check out my website. i promise i am the most fun wedding guest you'll ever have.




  1. you are just adorable! i'm in love with your blog. <3


  2. your blog is like tumblr! love it!