Week in Review


^^my very talented friend seth took this picture at the 5k race we photographed this weekend.

did anyone catch that i didn't blog yesterday? some sundays are too perfect to stay inside and this was one of them. this week was great/terrible. it was surely terrible in the beginning. i was so sick and didn't get out of my bed for a bit. we had a great adventure on saturday and on the way back i started to feel the worst of it coming on. so sunday through tuesday i was pretty out of commission. things started looking up on wednesday but as always, here is a little list of the week.

nose blowing.
sickness (okay you get it.)
goat farming. (i will go into much detail soon i promise.)
runny nose.
racing for tissues.
eating goat cheese like its my job.
no coffee.
photographing a 5k with some really cool friends.
always impressed with seth's photography skills. (just for you kid! #shoutout)
eating pupusas.
going to church.
wearing a dress.
discovering new places.
getting ready to road trip!
wrote a new song. ( i am so excited about this one!! Tara and i wrote it together!)
mr. goodies. . . twice. 
drove with the windows down.

there are so so many things i can't wait to share with you. i mean really, the goat farm is going to blow your mind. we are off to eat dinner outside now. i hope you had a wonderful week! this next week is my spring break and my sister and i are heading to our new home for a visit! i can't wait to show you nashville!

make sure you take time to rest today and reflect on your blessings this week.


  1. a goat farm?? dude. I love goat milk and goat cheese, despite my mom and dad's horrible tale of eating goat meat in hati. :P

  2. Cant wait to read more about your adventures. You should record that song too, I bet it's wonderful xx

  3. I can't wait to see your upcoming post then! :)

    Naturally Jes