Saturday Adventures | Charlotte NC


^^i'm excited because there was a cup sticking out of the wall. 

i actually completely forgot about saturday adventures until late last night when i quickly put these pictures up. like i said before, its been a rough week. i am actually incredibly excited to share these pictures with you! i have been saving posts so that each week can go in order and when i saw that these were up next i was freaking out.

this was part of the best weekend i had all year. my friend kelce and i took a road trip to south carolina to surprise our friend for her senior art show. on our way down we made a special trip into charlotte for thrifting and other fun things. we packed a picnic lunch and found a park. we were literally screaming as we drove around seeing all the flowers because at this point, virginia hadn't turned into spring yet. there were blooms everywhere and things were turning green. i just wanted to roll around in the grass.

my friend noah suggested we try a coffee place and we headed there after lunch. we actually stopped at a church to look at the grass and flowers. (we were feeling deprived okay?) we got coffee and i am telling you, it was amazing. one of the best cups i've ever had. at least top five. we pretty much just walked around the city after that. i have been in love with charlotte since the first time i visited. its truly a beautiful city. here are some snaps of our lovely spring day.

 ^^good thing i carry a pocket knife!

 ^^the best way to eat a turkey sandwich!

 ^^simply beautiful.

 ^^getting that shot.
^^in kelce's defense. one of those bags is mine.

 ^^take me back.

if you've never been to charlotte i highly recommend a visit! there are so many things to do there but if you are taking I-85 south for anything, you should at least stop in and say hello. they will make you good coffee. and they will be nice.

happy saturday.

don't waste it.


  1. i used to live an hour from charlotte, but i never got to find adventures there. (obv. an 8 year old isn't free to roam as she pleases. :P) i seriously can't tell you how much i love your Saturday adventures, i'm pretty sure they are my favorite kind of posts.
    (also, you have pretty feet with pretty sandals. just sayin')

    1. oh stahhp! you are so nice! yes i think they are my favorite too! i can't wait to take you all to Nashville with me for adventures! you will love it! =)

      ps my feet are terrible but thanks for saying that!


  2. You're so beautiful!! also, that Turkey sandwich looks incredible :)

    1. my gosh sam, me and turkey sandwiches have a thing. i can't ever get enough. if its on the menu, its on my plate.

      i'm going to make a club or something.