Sick Tips


^^here is a picture of a teacup at my friend's beautiful farm.

there is no way to make this week pretty for you.

a lot of times i write out blogs on saturday, just so during the week i just have to add things or make little changes before i post them. hey, i am a working lady and you don't always have time to sit and write it all out. at the very least i put together a picture post so that all i do on the weekdays is write. this week i have been so thankful that i did all that saturday.

this week i got sick.

if you are friends with me in real life then you probably know that last time i got sick it was a rough time in life. without going into all the details, i'll just say i was sick for over a month and i ended up breaking a rib from coughing. my lungs are my weak part of me and whenever i get anything, no matter how minor, it ends up in my lungs. i do everything i possibly can when i get sick, i take garlic and echinacea, i drink a ton of water, i rest, and i even, (please excuse how hippie this is,) put a garlic poultice on my feet while i sleep. 

and so that has been my week. sleeping a lot, smelling like garlic, hacking up a lung and all that fun stuff. i can't take a picture of my room because its so dark and really all you would see is piles of tissues. and there really is no way to make that internet pretty. anyways i don't know what the point to this was because my head is full of snot instead of brain.

here are some sick tips.

kleenex actually makes a better tissue than puffs. (who knew?!)
the amazing race is quality sick tv. (i watched a whole season.)
garlic really does help. (taken or put on your feet.)
never sniff.
mint tea for when your tummy is hurting.
don't drink coffee. (whaa!?)
run a humidifier a lot.

there you go. thats how i'm surviving. hope you week has been lovely and you're not catching any of these spring nasties. 


  1. Oh I really hope you feel better soon! Being sick is so not fun! Sending love your way :)

  2. aww, man. being sick is always nasty. I'm crazy blessed because I rarely get sick, but two weeks ago I caught a terrible cold and flu. I was in bed for three days and I have never been so ready to get out of bed and stop sleeping. (true story) I can't imagine being sick for over a month. :0
    get better soon, doll!

  3. No no no :( please get better!! praying for you hunny xx

  4. Being sick isn't fun. Duh Jes! But I really do hope you're well now, or getting there. :)

    P.S I also find it that if you prevent yourself from blowing your nose, the cold lessens. Just a tip. :)

    Naturally Jes