Thrifty Thursday | Vest


a while back my friend kelce and i were on our way to surprise a friend for her senior art show in south carolina. we stopped in charlotte for a quick thrifting venture. (see number 6 thrifting tip!) we found way to many gems that day but one of my particular favorites is this vintage vest! i'm all like, i should be driving a big conversion van right?! i mean i just love it. i've been all about the vest this winter and even though spring is coming and i will be putting this baby away for a while, you will probably see me in nothing else next fall.

 vest: goodwill.
shirt: target sale rack.
 pants: gap outlet. (i wear these all the time now. bring the baggy back!)
shoes: burlington coat factory. (wha?! i never go in that place but these were ten bucks! can't beat that!)

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  1. aw! thats so cute. i love your dog and your photo location.
    also, have you ever received the Liebster Blog award?
    If you haven't i've nominated you. Feel free to decline if you have already gotten it or don't wish to participate :)
    have a great day,