Introducing . . .


you may have noticed there are two new buttons on my sidebar! well let me just tell you a little funny. jenni and i both separately wrote to each other inquiring about working with the other. she emailed me to an address i don't normally check, and i emailed her shortly after without even seeing her email. she soon wrote back and explained and we laughed about it. clearly we were meant to work together!

i love both of these blogs and i can't remember how i stumbled onto jenni's. (here) she does the sweetest watercolors, (something i have been working on this year.) and i instantly fell in love. i love the second blog (here) she writes for because it connects with me on a sister level. i highly recommend you check out both if you haven't already! here is little about jenni!

-I got into blogging as a kind of online journal to show what was inspiring me at the time and also to document the crochet projects I was working on. It really morphed over time as I discovered where more of my interests lay and what I really wanted my blog to say about me. For my personal blog, Tales From Bottomley Cottage, it's become less about crochet/DIY projects, lifestyle and inspiration and more about a documentation of the art projects I am working on. Because I consider myself a part-time artist right now, I am constantly working on new paintings. So my blog has become a good way to document and show others from back home what I'm working on (I'm originally from Saskatchewan but moved to British Columbia a couple years ago for school and am now living in the city of Vancouver! So my parents and extended family like to see what I'm working on here in the big city ;) haha)

-As for The Common Creative blog, my sister, Kristen and I started this very recently (only about 1 month old!) because we both like blogging and wanted to have a fun project to work on as a way to connect. She's living in Saskatoon, so we're miles away from each other. But this has already been a great way to keep in touch. We have decided to blog about a variety of things to keep us inspired. Anything from crafts, recipes, reviews and city exploration posts! It's a lifestyle blog but we have scheduled projects in mind. 

-Fun facts about myself? Hmm. I am a chocolate fiend. I have always had a crush on Fred Astaire (even when he's creepy and old in his later movies!) I grew up in a town of 500 people (0 stoplights, gravel roads, K-12 school...) I lived my early high school days dreaming of becoming an actress in feature films...that dream has faded! L.M. Montgomery is my hero. I'm REALLY bad at doing my hair and cycle through 4 different hairstyles on a regular basis. I have a small obsession with elephants and am starting to collect elephant items in my home. I have not yet been to Europe but dream of going regularly- especially France! 


  1. haha! i love that you have a crush on ol' Fred! i've actually always thought he was pretty cute, though my sister disagrees. Whatever... her loss!

  2. Yay! Thanks so much, Abbey. You are the sweetest :)