a qucik post.


i am writing this post in nashville! my sister and i woke up yesterday morning at four and got on the road. we stopped as soon as a starbucks opened to grab some coffee and breakfast. (road trips are the only time i get anything from starbucks because its hard to eat local on the road in the middle of nowhere.) we got back on the road and only stopped for potty breaks and gas.

driving away from virginia was rough on this little navy brat! i kept thinking about how beautiful it was and how i wouldn’t be here for the fall. i love virginia and even though i’m not “from” here, i feel like it’s the only place that has even been home. as we drove through tennessee  i was reminded how much a love it and the beauty that the rolling hills bring. again i am so excited for nashville to be my new home and even though this is just a visit, talking to my nephews about living near them has already been a treat. (someday we will go to the zoo.)

i can’t help but be a little nervous for all that I have to do this summer. finding a job, finding a house. there is so much that goes into relocating. i just keep reminding myself that this is what the lord has for me. this week has been a good reminder that i have a good life. and i should remember that more. happy thursday everyone!  


  1. oh, i love the idea of trying to eat local whenever possible.

  2. wow, what an adventure! i have never been to your part of the county but i'd love to go. best of luck on getting relocated!

  3. If it's the Lord's plan, it can't fail. But, I understand your nervousness; new plans can be scary! Glad you had a fun time on the road trip. Those are the best!