a week in review


some one teach me how to spell alright? i feel like i am constantly seeing things i've written and they make no sense because i wrote the wrong word or switched letters or something. dyslexic problems. anyway this slouchy picture of me up there was taken this past week on one of our lovely adventures. i am loving the weather these days! the sunshine puts me in the best moods and i find myself wanting to frolic through the fields. (and so sometimes i do that.)

the last half of this past week my sister leah and i road tripped to nashville to spend some time with our other sister deb and her three babies. and husband. my nephews are the cutest and i got to photograph pictures of the youngest one's first birthday. (more on that later.) we mostly stayed at her house or around it. (i spent a great deal of time on the tire swing with my oldest nephew.) i cleaned and organized a lot. (that is my love language.) and we cooked and bake lots of yummy things. my sister deb is the best cook and everything she makes is crazy healthy. we even had healthy cupcakes. (i will share that recipe later.)

we did venture out one day to find internet (crazy i know.) and look around at a few areas we will be looking for houses in. tennessee is beautiful and i found myself getting so overwhelmed with what was in front of me. so many options, such a bigger place then i'm used to. i sat in the back seat of my sisters mini van next to my nephew and let myself cry behind my sunglasses. my nephew was eyeing me as i wiped my tears casually and watched the scenes out the windows. i know this is what God has for me and i know he is going to take care of me while i make this move and figure out my new life. but sometimes i feel like i'm 18 years old and my parents are dropping me off at college and i don't know how to be a grownup at all. only this time my parents are going to be so far away and even though family will be near by i just keep asking God if he is sure i'm ready for all this. i am trying to remind myself that, just like college, God doesn't want me to fail and he wont let me if i keep trusting in him completely.

but if i need to cry to him in the back of a mini van every now and then thats okay.

i forgot i make lists on sundays so here is a quick one.

1.tennessee (particularly I-40) has about one starbucks. and when you miss it, its a coffee desert till deep in virginia.
2. life is overwhelming at times.
3. needtobreathe's new album is a thumbs up. maybe even two thumbs. i've been singing it nonstop.
4. the franklin goodwill is a gem.
5. i am a full on vest person. i cannot deny it.
6. i didn't take any pictures of anything this week. (accept for my nephews birthday.) it was actually kind of nice.
7. wedding season starts in two weeks. hello exhaustion and hardly any blogging.
8. i am going to miss my lynchburg people so much and i have cried about it four times this week already. (just wait till i sing to you all. #hotmess)
9. my nephew sounds like a peacock when he screams. its both hilarious and terrifying.
10. i loved reading all your blogs today when i finally had internet again. you all are such great writers and i loved reading your life experience this week. you challenge me and you bless me.
11. i am so thankful that my savior is alive. (this was also the weirdest way to spend easter.) (in the car i mean.) 

i'm so serious about that needtobreathe album. have a listen. also get excited because there are some posts this week i have been so exited to share with you!


  1. dude. number one, yes yes yes. my grandparents and 99% of my dad's family live in tennessee and they only have one little drive through coffee shop (and the nearest starbucks was like two hours away) and that just drove me crazy because even though i rarely drink starbucks coffee, i'm so used to having it on every corner around here.
    waittt, are you moving to tennessee?

    1. i am! this summer! it is so exciting and scary! i am going to have to fine more coffee because i drink A LOT of it.


  2. ah! i need to get that new album. you tease. i'm practically dying.
    i really love this post. i totally understand that crying in the back of the van thing. my family moved across the state a little over a year ago. i had just made friends and settled down and then we moved. there were times i was excited and others where i'd just put on my sunglasses and crawl between the boxes and cry a little. its good for the soul.

    1. you said that all so poetically! and i'm serious. its such a good album! i've listened to nothing else for days!

  3. This is coming two days late, but I'm just catching up on blog posts :) Just wanted to say, as someone who knows what living away from family can look like, I hope that you thrive living in a new space! Yes, it will most likely be very hard. It's continually hard for me, but I've learned that embracing where you live can make all the difference in the world and that old saying "comparison is the thief of joy" can be so very true. Comparing really does stop you from enjoying...so that's the continual battle for me. Good to hear where you are at, though! And even while being married, I constantly feel like I'm 18 years old and have no idea what I'm doing as an adult!