Monday Funday


its such a rare thing for me to sit down and blog on a monday morning. mondays are busy and i am normally running around trying to get stuff done before work. i should be doing that this morning but i decided to procrastinate and blog instead. and so here i sit, with my coffee and my back to the warm sunshine, typing away and thinking about all i have to get done today.

today is an extra special monday because today is the day that my best friend was born! cesia and i laugh because we pretty much have nothing in common and don't really know why we are friends. that is probably because the Lord knew we needed each other... i could write a whole lot of sappy stuff about how she is the most wonderful and is always fighting for me. i could say that she makes me laugh more than any other human. i could even write about how she is my spiritual cheer leader (hahah) and constantly pushes me to live for Christ. i could write about her for hours and tell you stories but i won't do that because you probably would just look at the pictures anyway. i will say that everything she is, is wrapped up in a beautiful burrito of Hispanic godliness and i love her so very much and am thankful that the Lord put her in my life.

here are some old pictures...with terrible quality because i downloaded them off facebook. don't judge.

^^one of the first pictures we ever took together in college. 
 ^^look at that! just look at how beautiful she is!! you can tell her insides are pretty just by seeing that smile!
   ^^at my senor art show. 

happy birthday ces! i don't know about you but i'm feeling...twenty-four. so i hope you're feeling twenty-two. i love you! 

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