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not for lack of adventure, but for lack of time in going through photos. i can't wait to share my lynchstock photos with you but as i have told many people, i truly haven't even looked at them. life is heading in the direction of crazy and this week has felt like the back of a roller coaster train when the front has already gone over the big hill/drop. i can feel i'm being sucked into full speed and there is nothing to do but hold, scream and close my eyes.

but all in a good way!

i am excited about this next month of life. it will be good and i am very sure i am going to learn so much in my professional life as well as my personal life. its going to be a fantastic growing experience.

i saved a few of these photos from the end of donut day adventure. we ended that adventure by going crazy on the top of an empty parking garage. jumping and all the necessary craziness to prepare for our drive home. i believe in the nanny world we call that, "getting your wiggles out." sounds a little creepy when you're talking about grownups. i should remember never to say that again. remembering that day still makes me laugh. what a great time and a super adventure.

 ^^i will never understand why these are so funny.

 ^^dancing and stuff.
 ^^can we talk for a sec about how much longer i am than marly?!

^^planking, bring it back. 
 you know its a good friendship when you can make incredible memories in a parking lot. thank you both for the friendship you have given me.

happy saturday, make it count.

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  1. These photos make me feel happy. No matter how old I will get, there will be days where I am still young at heart. Definitely look like incredible memories. :)

    Naturally Jes