Saturday Adventures | Donut Day


i am a lover of the donut. always have been, always will be. so for this winter saturday i decided to road trip to charlottesville with noah and marly for a donut/coffee adventure. i hadn't done any adventuring with marly this season so i was super excited about this. (even though she doesn't drink coffee and i'm pretty sure donuts aren't her favorite.) marly likes to stick it to the (hipster) man so to speak. well anyway we headed out in noah's car, (thanks for driving) filled up on gas and started our day with the incredible shenandoah joe's. that coffee man. i want to make a trip to cville just for a cup of it. its fantastic and i just can't say enough good things about it. the place was also adorable!

next to the coffee shop was an spca thrift store that was seriously fantastic! i got a couple of post cards and just really enjoyed walking around it.

after that we headed over to spudnuts which is only open in the mornings and only accepts cash but it was very worth it. they were delicious and the lady who makes them was so sweet. it really is a hole in the wall kind of place.

we drove to find carpe donut which is a specialty donut shop that only serves one kind. a apple cider donut rolled in cinnamon and sugar. and it was warm. and it was from heaven. i was flipping out a little bit because it was that good.

we did a little thrifting here and there and took some pictures on top of a parking garage, (more on that later.) and headed home.
 ^^first stop! Gas!

^^probably the best mocha i've ever had in my life. 

^^this picture though! how does she do that!?

^^post cards!

such a fantastic way to spend a saturday! and with two fantastic people! thanks for the good time you guys, i love you both and this was one of my favorite days this winter!

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