Foodie | Thelmas Chicken & Waffles | Mill Mountain Coffee & Tea


so back to our roanoke adventure. to say that i live to eat wouldn't be so far from the truth. i really just appreciate good food. my mama is the best cook i know and growing up we always ate well. (except for the cowboy glob incident but we wont talk about that.) for the most part i like to eat healthy but when i eat out i like to go a little crazy.
this whole adventure was planned because noah found a place we needed to try. only we didn't end up going there so i'll save that little nugget and tell you about it when we actually do. 
so thelmas. its pretty famous down in roanoke and the tip is to ask them what the process for eating the chicken and waffles. i'll tell you what it is so if you ever go there, you can act like a local. here's the precess; piece of waffle, piece of chicken. dip in the gravy, dip in the syrup, spot of hot sauce. 

no lies. probably one of the best things thats ever been in my mouth. when we tried it we would just look at each other in amazement. it was that good. color me 100% impressed. i would eat there any day for sure. 

on to coffee. after walking around the entire morning we finally were able to find coffee after lunch!i got a mocha like always, (someday i will write a whole post about my deep fear of coffee.) and it really was delicious! a really cute shop too, they had a ton of local art and really, nothing gets me more than the words art and local. it was great to see. we enjoyed our coffee as we walked back to the car and even stopped for a few snaps on the way.

i'm not sure if i can come up with a better combination of food for one day. waffles, fried chicken and coffee. what could possibly top that? i suppose i'll have to wait and see. happy friday everyone!

oh and happy wedding season. i will be seeing you less this month but i promise it will be all worth it!


  1. I didn't even cry today! *patting me on the back*

  2. oh gosh, i'm totally going to be craving waffles and fried chicken for the rest of the day. :P
    i like this, a lot. ;)