A few for the Lighting books.


i don't know what to write about today. i am seriously under prepared for this week. yesterday i spent literally an entire day playing with light in my studio/basement. i can't wait to show you, they are the most fun pictures i have taken in a while.

but it was seriously all day. and i was pretty giddy about it. throw in some breaks in there where i sat in the living room chair hurting from the insides and you have my day as a whole.

i am currently experiencing some health issues.

but really. yesterday made me so thankful to be an artist. it made me so thankful for the joy of creativity and the fun of seeing the rules in light and working with them. so many people think that art is just whatever you feel. they have no idea how much thought and theory goes into it. and thats where i get so much happiness. i love knowing why things work. i love trying out rules and seeing the outcome.

it really was fantastic.

if we are friends on facebook you have already seen this one, but here are two fun pictures from my first round of self portraits.

 i wish you could have been there to watch. i don't own a tripod to there were boxes and paint cans and books stacked up for my camera to sit on safely. i used a regular desk lamp and every single white canvas i own.

i can't even tell you how much fun it was.

i'll write a full post about it hopefully next week sometime. there are so many pictures to share!


  1. So sweet. Hope you feel a little better soon xoxo

  2. That sounds awesome! They turned out really beautiful. I love the simplicity of black and white.:)

  3. that's such a good idea! I can't wait to see the rest of them. (I have all sorts of love for the first one, seriously. you're so prettyyy.)

  4. Your artistic-ness is such a gift from God. You can look at both sides of your family and know it was not inherited, but that God purely gifted it to you. I love that you love it so much. Almost every day when I read your blog, I wind up crying at how beautiful it all is, and my co-workers think I'm nuts. Love you so much.


  5. oh so pretty! i love them. :)

  6. I saw these on Instagram, and I thought how beautiful they were. I would love to play with lighting one day, although I have to admit, I must perfect the art of natural lighting first.

    These are fantastic although. Can't wait to hear more about them, and see more of them!

    Naturally Jes