Week in Review


here is a list of how my week went. its pretty much my normal week. work a lot, go on a long drive for something ridiculous, have a fun saturday, weird weather. . . anyway, here it is.

-worked two snow days.
-built forts, licked snow.
-tanned for two days.
-celebrated a birthday for a now four year old (wut.)
-drank a lot of coffee.
-went to work in my pajamas.
-bought a truck bed cap for wilber.
-drove to west virginia with elijah to pick up said cap.
-met another dewy wallace except this one was named vince lombardi and he was a massage therapist.
-learned things i probably never wanted to know.
-listened to chris rice hymn project on repeat.
-played with peters
-found out pete likes to tan with me.
-went through and cleaned out my closet, next comes my stuff! downsizing is fun.
-blogged duh.
-planned things.
-didn't go to the library. (i know what on earth?!)
-hosted a common grounds project with janiel and started another i'm so excited to share with you!
-drank lots of coffee, did i already say that? oh well.
-missed a dear friend.
-ate two donuts.
-gave a haircut.
-praised Jesus for the weather.

probably a lot more things than that but those are the top in my brain. i hope you had a wonderful week, and that you will have an even better one coming up! here are some random pictures of my week! look out for a #commongroundsproject coming tomorrow!

 i'm going to miss those mountains. and doesn't wilber look great!? i'm so excited about this spring!


  1. I dream of beautiful winter scenery like this, your beautiful photography makes me want to travel so much. I was thinking just this weekend, as summer is ending in Australia, how beautiful the landscape is and how lucky we are here, but it looks like we aren't the only ones!

    Awesome pillow fort btw, gorgeous shot of someone hiding in there! x

    1. Thank you so much meg! I know i should be a lot more thankful for our snow but OH how i wish i was in Australia! haha, i just love summer and being tan and all things that go along with it!