Saturday Adventure | Blueridge | Glasglow VA


everyone needs their own adventure pose. this happens to be one of many for me. a couple weeks ago my friend ryan texted me and asked if i would show him some things about his new camera. we decided to go on a little venture through the mountains to learn on some fun subject matter. this foot bridge is one of my favorite things out here and i have been to it dozens of times. people used to jump off it (never me, my bridge jumping days were long over. . . ) and it was also right around the corner from it where i totaled my dads car. jessi and i have hammocked on it and watched the sun rise and freeze our little butts off. there are just so many fun memories here. anyway we stopped here on our way to see the dinosaur in Glasglow and had fun exploring it and around it. once we were done here with traveled the rest of the way to glasglow and took some pictures with the dino. (i will tell you all about it another time. that was an entirely different adventure!) we ate at the diner across from the market and then drove home. for the last thirty minutes of the drive no one spoke and as we were pulling into the dorm parking lot where ryan lives i looked at the clock and busted out laughing. i remember in college we would be out till close to curfew, running around doing crazy fun, (safe mom and dad, it was all safe) things. now that we are all older, and clearly worn out from our quick trip, the clock read seven thirty-seven. these mid twenties man, i'm tellin ya.

here are most of the pictures i snapped that day. if you are ever feeling like a great drive, 501 is the ticket.

 ^^wrong adventure shoes for ice.

 ^^"hey cesia put your tongue on that!!"

 ^^palls for ever and ever! c.a.r time.
 ^^all this time we've been friends and he doesnt even know how to spell my name...
 ^^ryan's adventure pose
 ^^Cesia's adventu. . .wait.
^^ that huge rock didn't even break the ice. it was crazy.

 the best picture in the whole entire world forever. --->

 what a wonderful way to spend a saturday afternoon. with two people i love so much. thanks for the adventure guys! you are what makes it fun!

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