Friday Night


currently i am hanging my head off the side of my bed with my feet up on the wall typing on my phone.

a little while ago i cleaned out my closet and made a huge goodwill pile.

earlier today i worked and we played play-doh, built forts, ate snacks, (including donuts because its his birthday wut wuuut!) and also got our leap frog on.

. . . tickle fights too.

this morning i woke up and drank coffee and went to work in my pajamas.

last night i dreamed about noel and a horse. thats really all i remember but i think something bad happened to the horse.

here is a picture of my dog. hope you have a great friday night this week! don't get to crazy.

1 comment:

  1. That photo is wonderful! I love the tones.

    I envy your life sometimes :-) Sounds so lovely.