Saturday Adventures | Pie | Part I


a while back my roommates and i were sitting together drinking our morning coffee and talking. jane was telling us about this place out in the mountains she had driven past one time and how it looked like a junk yard of a circus. mind you, this is a wednesday morning, but we decided that at three that afternoon (when everyone was done with school/work) we were going to adventure and find it! now pretty much this adventure included all the good things. dinosaurs, road trips, junk, artists, great weather, running, bridges, instagrams, loud singing, some of my favorite girls, and the part we are going to focus on today, pie.

honestly. a life long, (okay lynchburg life) dream was realized on this day. i had mentioned that there was this pie shop i had really wanted to go to, and how it was on the road we were going to travel. this shop closes at four and every time i had been out that way it had just closed when i got there. (or my brother had been driving me back from a really bad car accident and refused to stop and let me get pie. . .) either case, i asked if we could go since we would be out there. well we ended up leaving the house a little later, and i really thought we wouldn't make it, but we pulled in with minutes to spare and the place was still hopping. (as hopping as the middle of nowhere can be.) the two sisters that own it were the nicest people and they talked and laughed with us and told us all about the shop. they recommended different pies and told us what they were famous for. i ended up getting a fried apply pie and boy, was it ever america in a bite. everyone there was so nice and one of the sisters even came outside and took a picture with the girls! it was a fantastic start to our adventure day.

^^here abbey take a picture with the store! 

you can read a little bit more about the shop here.

but i highly recommend going out for a visit. its a beautiful drive and a beautiful delight for your mouth!

more stories of this adventure day coming next week, it was just too much for one post!


  1. this place looks awesome! Such great pictures!

    x leah symonne x

    1. Thanks! it was SO fantastic! i love apple pie and having it fried is like a southerners dream.

  2. This is such a sweet post, and the place does look wonderfully wonderful! I bet there was a lot of yummy pie, no doubt!

    Jes | Naturally Jes

    1. thanks for always commenting jes! you are such an encouragement!

  3. There is nothing greater than pie. I seriously love it in all its forms!

    What wonderful photos Abbey :-)