Week in Review


this week man. sometimes a get to the end of a week and look back and think, wow i did nothing spectacular. in fact some really big bummers happened. and that is not at all fun to read about on someones blog. but some weeks are just like that so here is an honest list of my bummers and not-so-much bummers of this week.

i worked extra hours. (which means more money which is really good)

i payed off my college loan and am now completely debt free. which is fantastic but also means i am very, very poor now.

i went the week without coffee. which is a travesty in and of itself.

i took almost no pictures.

i went on a long walk with pete and ate at taco bell.

i met with a photographer who i think might actually change my life haha. more on that later.

i went home to my parents.

i traveled to DC to watch two of my favorite ladies finish a marathon. (cried the whole time.)

i lost my iphone on the metro. here's hoping someone honest found it and turned it in to lost and found. i will know by tuesday.

i cried about my phone. (silly girl.)

i got to eat a delicious red velvet dc cupcake. 

i got to go to my home church and cried there because that was one of the last couple times i'll be going there.

(i really love my church. . .)

i said every day this week i would clean my room. i am going to clean my room today.

i missed people.

i am trying to hard to find things to be thankful for. who wants to hang out with an unthankful person. some days are just harder than others but those are the days when we need to be thankful the most. i hate going to bed feeling like i lost the battle that day. here is a list of things we can always be thankful for;

Jesus loves us.


dogs. even if you don't have one, you can be thankful for them because take my word for it, they are the best. my neighbor's dog past away this week because she saved a little boy from a copper head by jumping in front of him. truly mans best friend and it makes me cry just thinking about it.


soft blankets in cold weather. (did i mention its snowing again?)

people who encourage and are honest. (see chelsea.)

and as always, creativity.

so here's a deep breath and a new start to a new week. i hope your week was a tad better than mine. and i hope you are thankful no matter what. here's to monday and a better heart attitude. 

1 Thessalonians 5:18 - In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.


  1. Abbey,
    I apologize in advance because this is going to be a little long winded. First of all-- it takes guts to share the bad and the ugly and the un-internet pretty. I admire that about you. I love reading about struggles, and I love reading about change.
    Second, someone will find your phone and if they do not: phones are replaceable.
    I'm sorry you got bad news, but I know the Lord only gives bad news to people who can deal with it. Whatever it is, you are going to kill it.
    SO PROUD OF YOU FOR PAYING OFF YOUR COLLEGE LOANS. Even if it hurts financially.
    Being broke is fun sometimes. Money is replaceable. Joy is not. Fight for joy even when it hurts to do so.
    That's all, I guess.
    I love your heart and I am so thankful you share it here. Sometimes I feel like you are writing directly to me. You have such a sweet spirit.

    P.s. I'm working on a blog about gratitude. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.

    1. oh well just make me cry now! Chelsea, i feel like you are writing directly to me sometimes too! you blog has been such a sweet blessing to me and i truly appreciate your honesty and creativity! thank you for all that!

  2. Abbey! That actually sounds lovely...I know things can seem down but focus on the things in that list that are good and wonderful! You have so many of them :-)

    and pray. Prayer is the best thing to do in times like these.

    Thinking of you xx

    1. thanks sam! once again, you encourage my socks off. and i am trying haha, trying very hard to dwell on the good!


  3. Focusing on the good things are hard, but you're doing great! I hope you'll have great things ahead :)

  4. I know what you mean about the soft blankets, the other day I got my duvet out because it is getting colder and it was so snuggly and it actually cheered me up so much! I hope that next week is a better week for you, remember that the bad times won't last. (I had to tell myself this last week because it wasn't a very good week for me) :)

  5. Definitely a balance of good and bad, but I hope that the good overlook the bad. Always try and stay positive. It's important! :)

    Jes | Naturally Jes