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i write/post pictures a lot about peters so i thought i would tell you a little bit about him. pete is a family dog which we got when our other dog (spanky) was nearing his end. spanky was pretty much the most perfect dog and he really did grow up with us. he was a huge yorkie that they couldn't sell so we got him for free when we were all kids. anyway, pete was a puppy and spanks was old so it was pretty comical watching them get along. i'll never forget the day mom called us and said spanky was going to the doggy farm in the sky, (okay i know its the dirt) and we just all cried and cried. it sounds so ridiculous to cry over a dog, but when you grow up with somebody, you tend to cry when they leave you. well after that petey moped around for a long time, (missing his friend who i think, actually hated his puppy guts.) and the family kind of just put up with him. you see, spanky never shed, he was little and easy to move and make obey. he was a cuddler, and oh so very cute. petey is big, hairy, sheds everywhere, drools, has a bark that makes you go deaf and did i mention big? well none of us were really used to that so lets just say it took some adjusting. . . and some better than others. my little brother and i love pete but i would say that until he came to live with me, we were about the only ones. now i think my dad misses him a lot. (but don't tell him i said that.) peters may be big and dumb, and he may shed everywhere, but he is such a loving sweet buddy. i love hiking with him and he listens so well! he is always excited to see me after work and never ever a grump. i love looking over the side of my bed and seeing him curled up asleep. i know he would always protect me and just having him at my house i feel safer. he is a fantastic dog and truly mans bffl.

also i never let him sleep in my room at night because he wakes me up with his snoring and silly dreams and gas. its not all fun and games being a dog owner. . .

here are some pictures of that little champ from a walk in the woods.

this weekend i am heading to dc with my mom and sister to watch one of my best friends finish a marathon! i'm pretty excited because that means dc cupcakes and beautiful things to snap pictures of! its going to be lovely weather and i can't wait!

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  1. He's absolutely adorable.

    It's never easy letting a family member go, even if it is a pet. Spanky sounds like a beautiful dog as well as Peters.

    Jes | Naturally Jes