Brittany & Matt | Virginia Fall Wedding


sometimes as a wedding photographer you get to be a part of a day that is so well planned, and so beautiful, that it makes being the photographer so fun! brittany & matt's special day was one of those days. the weather was at an all time perfect. the venue, the cake, the flowers, (really though the flowers!!) the wedding party, everything was beautiful. the ceremony was wonderfully sweet and was just in the most perfect spot. i truly loved everything about the day, even till the very end when i finally sat in front of a roaring fire in the huge fireplace. the best part of the day for me, was that because it was so well planned, the bride and groom could just relax and have a great time. and have a great time we all did!

^^sweetest moment i've ever seen at a wedding. 

these next few pictures are the highlight reel of the best dancing faces of this wedding. hands down, some of the best. enjoy!

such a fun wedding to be part of! i still tell stories of the dancing. take note everyone, you can and are actually supposed to enjoy the day! thanks again matt & brittany, your day was one of my favorites.

ps thanks seth for second shooting for me!

pps don't you wish you could see my dancing faces!


  1. These pictures are absolutely stunning! The quality is flawless! {I love the last picture lol}
    Brooke Jordan//Silver Linings

    1. thanks so much! haha that is actually her brother! he was so fun to photograph!

  2. You get more and more amazing by the day. Goodness me.

    I just booked my first wedding and I'm freaking out! haha if you have any tips, send them my way :)

    1. oh my goodness congratulations! that is very exciting! i think the biggest tip i can give is to do your research! (pinterest a lot!) write down a shot list, not to carry around but just to get your thoughts organized. =) i'm sure it will be fantastic!

  3. These are beautiful, and I especially love the last bunch of the party, everyone dancing. It's so beautiful. Can't wait to see more!

    Jes | Naturally Jes