Week in review


happy spring everyone! i am so excited for the warm weather that is coming next week! we have to have a couple more days of cold but then its sixty all the way! this week was long and i am super tired and pretty much don't want to leave my bed forever. (or until morning. . . ) but here is a quick list of the happenings!

birthday surprise!
froze (its still cold!)
played with peters
got friday off
drove to south carolina with my friend kelce!
stopped in charlotte north carolina for some fantastic coffee and some geeking over flowers.
surprised my friend for her senior art show! 
walked around downtown greenville(where the new picture was taken. everything is so springy there!)
took tons of spring/flower pictures.
ate a delicious cupcake. 
sat in the sun. in the green grass. in my sandals. (heaven.)
laughed hysterically with kevin and tesia. my goodness they are the funniest. 
sang really loudly for kelce on our road trip back in the rain.

honestly there was probably a lot more than that but i am to tired to think. it was all so wonderful that warm weather. i have spring fever so bad now! how was your week? how did you celebrate spring?


  1. You are so beautiful and your weekend sounds beautiful too!

    My weekend was lovely - went to Luna park and then the national park for a bush walk. Soaked in the beauty of my country. You must come visit one day and see it for yourself!

  2. I agree with this. ^ And when you go back there, you have to take me. Let's go in the winter (in America) so it's summer there and we can escape the cold here. Deal? Deal.

    1. I mean I agree with Samantha. Mom beat me. :P

  3. send some of that spring weather up here to new england, will ya?!