Special Blend


its been a long couple of days. i picked up the strep virus from who knows where and my body made it into a cough because well, thats what it does with every sickness. so now i have this barking man cough that is neither pretty or ladylike. i've been sleeping sitting up and sucking on cough drops like they are candy. to top all that off i have a runny nose which means tissues are following me wherever i go. in my sleeves, stuck to my pants, etc. but through all that i am thankful for my parents who still take care of me even thought they live three hours away. (oh and that they pay for this uninsured lady to go see a doctor. thanks ma & pa!)

all this to say that i was feeling the need to a great cup of coffee this morning. and since we have no wawa here in the burg, i was so thankful i still had a bag of gold from when jessi visited! i'm telling you, so far in life i haven't found a coffee to match it. its so bold and delicious.

i like my coffee how i like my men, dark and bold. (entirely kidding on that one.) here's my coffee.

 ^^i call this the magical moment.^^

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