A weekend with Jessi.


I am a sucker for a good sandwich. If I could marry one, it would be a turkey on a hard roll. We have been walking past Catalano's Delicatessen for weeks and this weekend while my friend Jessi was visiting, we tried it.

I am in love.

Sometime when I am eating something really good I do a little dance in my seat.

Dancing was done to the max.

After that lovely lunch we went for a bike ride and snapped some pictures along the way. I love that trail because when I'm on it I feel like I'm not in Lynchburg anymore. Parts of it remind me of central park, and some parts actually remind me of the Norfolk zoo. We had just a lovely time and pep talked each other that it is only one more month till everyone comes back to town.

 ^^The love of my life.^^
 ^^I mean Jessi's looked good too.^^
 ^^This is my, its all gone, face.^^

^^New favorite spot.^^

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