An Ode to Coffee


I never thought I would like coffee. A couple years ago when I decided that it was actually pretty tasty, all of my coffee drinking friends were so proud of me. I am pretty proud of me too, I mean, its such an adult thing to do, drink coffee. Needless to say I am still pretty picky about how I like it, but have discovered that I like the Kona blend the best. Free coffee anyone? . . . anyone? No, okay. I mean it is just so good! So of course I love the Wawa, (for those not from New Jersey, its a gas station.) and their coffee is SO good. We do not have to pleasure of a Wawa here in the L-town so when my friend Jessi came to visit me last weekend she asked the lady behind the coffee counter if they would sell her some of the bags of Kona, (They don't sell it in stores.) The lady gave her 3 bags!

Praise the Lamb.

I am now in a constant dilemma of wanting to make it last, and wanting to drink it all at once. I have not found the balance yet.

 ^^of course it comes in gold bags!^^
^^this is gone far to quickly.^^

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  1. I will work my magic and bring some more when I get back ;)