A Wedding Post.


As I sit here eating a bag of kettle corn the size of my torso, I am thinking back to this beautiful wedding day. This may be my favorite wedding I have ever been to. It was so pure, so sweet, and SO full of love -for each other, but also for the Lord.  I met a portion of this family my freshman year of college and we have stayed good friends ever since. The first time I met the rest of the family was the first time I ever traveled by train, went to upstate New York, and wanted another family to be my own. The Cox family has been such a great blessing to me over the past couple years and even though I don't get to see them often, I love getting to know them better and being a tiny part of their family. Mom and Dad Cox have one of the most beautiful and Godly marriages I've ever witnessed and that gives me great confidence for Hannah and Tyler as they start this new life. This weekend was such a whirlwind and the only thing I would change about it would be to make it longer!

Happy life Hannah and Tyler! I was so blessed to be part of your big day!  

Here are just a few of my favorites from the day.


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  1. Abbey, you made me cry. We were beyond thrilled that you could be here to share in Hannah & Tyler's wedding with us. Not to mention the BEAUTIFUL pictures that you took. Thank you! Please come back soon! Love - Mom Cox