a maryland wedding


the perfect example of how details make a wedding! i had such a great time driving to (albeit the farthest point ) maryland a couple weeks ago. any road trip is fun when i'm with my deerest friend kim. and the wedding turned out to be absolutely beautiful! i had to many things to take pictures of all day which is just a photographers dream. though the ceremony was stunning, the food amazing and the dancing so great, my favorite part was seeing the bride and grooms to cultures mix into one. greek, chinese, and mexican made for so many great traditions in a wedding. i loved being part of the day and am glad to have discovered the country part of maryland. i would go back for a visit anytime.

as you can see i had a really hard time narrowing it down, but here are some of the pictures of Lynda & Evans special day.

^^such a gorgeous dress!^^

^^i am always excited about the flowers but i thought these were exceptional.^^


^^this little man stole my heart! such a cutie!^^

^^one of my favorites.^^

^^probably the most beautiful reception i've ever been to.^^

^^my favorite picture of the day.^^

^^they just had the sweetest details everywhere you looked. it made it so special to them.^^

^^chinese tea ceremony^^

^^i just couldn't get enough of these guys. so handsome!^^

^^greek dancing!^^

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  1. You're amazing. I don't even know these people and I cried. Love you! Mama

  2. Another beautiful job you have done Abbey!