Week in Review


i packed my first box this week. it was a surreal moment and when i was finished i thought i should take a picture of it. this box is every ounce of winter stuff i have. all coats, sweaters, pants, long sleeved shirts, socks, scarves, gloves, and boots.

i have a lot of clothing.

i have been getting rid of so many things while i pack/rearrange. i know i have a month left here but i'm trying to get organized. there are so many things i never use or wear. its good to clean out. like a refresh button. i moved a lot growing up and even though i'm having quite the hard time leaving this place, the excitement of packing has helped a little.

i actually love moving. i remember when we left virginia for the first time we were all so ready to go. there is something about putting everything i own in boxes and seeing an empty room/house. it feels good to me. i look at that empty room and remember all the good things that happened in it. its always a good reminder that the place you live in doesn't make life great, its the people who live with you. i'm looking around my room right now imagining it empty. its sad and wonderful all at the same time.

this week was crazy and hectic and full of a lot of wonderful.

worked a lot, my little had an ear infection.
played outside.
ate a lot of amazing food.
watched a couple sunsets.
watched survivor with ryan and nina!
ate a lot of amazing things, (did i say that already?)
met so many parents!
had the best night with friends and their parents.
(wanted to steal a grandma.)
attended graduation
saw so many friends graduate college!
got stuck on a bus.
got caught in the rain.
drove to my parents at night in a truck that should never have three people in it.
loved on my dog.
went to my home church and loved every minute of it.

for some reason i can not stop yawning right now. maybe i'm tired, maybe its just the feeling i get on sundays at home. but i'm thankful this sunday. thankful for the wonderful people God puts in my life and that he has a plan for each of us.

and with that here is a totally unrelated quote from elijah that he said on the way back from church today. it really hit home for me.

"if you aim for the dirt you'll never miss...but you also wont accomplish anything."

well said e. well said.


  1. Praying for you as you start this new journey! I am so excited for you :-)

    p.s. send some of that amazing food my way, I'm starving!

  2. This is wonderful :) I'm so excited for you!!!!