Happy un-Mothers-day.


well it isn't mothers day anymore...

which means it isn't the day my mom complains about women getting all deserving on us...

which means i can say whatever the heck i want to about how great my mom is and she can't say anything about it because it isn't mothers day that she hates.


so here it is. all the wonderful things about my mum. (as they say!) what makes her special, what makes me love her, why she is the absolute best they come. they really broke the mold after they made karen.

she is real funny.
she is sweet.
there has never been a day that she doesn't use mercy/grace on one of her children.
she is a hard worker. (our house has never been a mess. even when she thinks it is.)
she is a faithful wife.
she is submissive. like waaay submissive.
she loves the Lord and it is clearly evident in her life.
she is a fantastic cook. like probably the best i know.
she has some killer awkward dance moves. they embarrass eli. they encourage me.
she is willing to go anywhere.
she is good at advice. she is great at advise. (you've got mail reference.)
she likes you've got mail.
she is hott. just ask my dad.
she thinks i'm funny. (which i am, so you know she is very smart.)
she is also very smart.
she never gave up on me.
she was my one and only teacher growing up and never thought i was stupid.
she figures things out. like math, and all my problems...
she listens when the Lord teaches.
she makes really attractive children...
she taught us how to live the right way and leaves the choices up to us.
she has literally never nagged.
she is all around wonderful.
she sent her children all around the world serving the Lord and she did it with bravery.
she sings like an angel.
she has cool stories of growing up.
(this list could go on for hours but...)

my personal favorite thing?

she likes being a mom. 

i know way to many moms that complain, or talk about their children in negative ways. they yell at their kids and whack them in the side of the head right there in walmart. it doesn't make being a mom look/sound like its going to be very fun. but i grew up with the example of a woman who saw what God had given her and she was thankful that was the job she got to have. and in turn it makes me so thankful and proud to be her daughter. i want to be my mom when i grow up because being just like her would mean i had turned out to be my hero.

i love you with every inch of my heart mama and i am so thankful that God made me belong to you. you are my favorite lady and forever my best friend. thanks for always believing in me and telling me i could accomplish anything. you are really good at your job haha. 

i have officially cried it all out. its not about the day that matters. its about the mama. don't forget to show your mom that you love her, no matter what time of year it is.

a very happy un-mothers-day to you.


  1. holy camoly, you might as well written about my mom. she sounds amazing, just like mine ;)

    1. i believe it sister!! moms like this are the best.

  2. No way- my mom's name is Karen, too! :) You're mom sounds lovely- a perfect tribute to her on un-mother's day!