Tomorrow is...


 National Dance Like a Chicken day!!

 i am indeed, "fo real."

i will tell you this. right now, i'm typing this and its almost one of the morning. i just got back from one of the most fantastic nights with friends. i will write more about this later but for now i'll just say, great food, hilarious friends from far away, and even more hilarious grandmas. my heart is full and i am so thankful for laughter.

speaking of which this is actually a holiday. i had no idea what to write about so i googled weird holidays and this is what i found. i think it would be a little neat if we actually celebrated it... i mean, the least we can do is appreciate chickens.

like i said, its one in the morning.

but honestly, i love eggs, i love eating chicken, chickens are actually kind of cute. we should give them a little shout out! so here is what i'm thinking. if you have a cool picture of a chicken, or anything representation of a chicken, lets get a hash tag going? why? because yolo. and because i'm so tired my fingers are typing things without my brains consent. so on may the 14 post your photos with the #may14chickenlove

if anyone actually does this i will do some kind of give away. until then. goodnight!


  1. Hahaha! Just what I needed. I bit of laughter to brighten up my day filled with very strange University assignments. So I thank you for that!

    Maybe some people will actually participate? Who knows! haha.

  2. I love this. And you know what? Today I'm going to find a photo of chickens. Just for you. :D

    xoxo Chelsea Francis

  3. this made my day 10x better. now excuse me while I go take pictures of our two chicks and post them all over social media for #nationaldancelikeachickenday ;)