Saturday Adventures | Spring Picnic


a while back we were having one of those days where i literally craved being outside. all day i wanted to be hiking but too much of the day was spent on other things. i asked tara if she wanted to go for a picnic for dinner and she agreed right away! we called noah and colleen, everyone packed random things for dinner and we headed out to a park i recently discovered. (there are rolling hills that a perfect for eating on.)

we had a great time spreading out our blankets and laughing at the things we brought, (noah brought swissrolls to share.) after that tara and i sang a song and noah recorded it, (we may or may not have lost that...oops.) but it was a lot of fun even through our mess ups.

after we were done eating we packed our stuff in the car and walked around for a little adventuring in the golden hour.

such a beautiful virginia day. such a good memory for the memory bank.

happy saturday (and happy graduation day to many of my dear friends!) make it count.


  1. Man oh man you go on the best adventures! i love those shots with you and the guitar. So pretty :)

  2. You say you crave going outdoors? Now I do.

    You always make the outdoors look so inviting, and pleasing. I must get out more and go on more adventures like you. Beautiful shots. I love the look of the golden hour (this is of course if it was)

    Naturally Jes