Portraits | Self, Tara and Jane | Light Study


you might remember a while back i went a little crazy in my basement and set up a studio with stacks of books and desk lamps. i don't get to play around with photography much anymore. life has been keeping me busy!

so i spent a whole day in my basement, trying different things, playing around with different things, learning a little about light. can i tell you how much fun i had?! i was in giggles fits all day because it was that much fun.

and when i say a whole day, i do mean a whole day.

i started with self portraits, (i don't do these much because i feel so conceded.) i felt like as an artist i should at least try to experiment with these. i actually did a lot and think they turned out pretty neat. next i got tara down there and that was really fun to work with a model!

we also had a pretty good playlist going on and i think that helped with posing. by the time we got jane to the basement my friend noah (who has a pretty neat blog he just launched here!) was there and took over the camera. so i think the shots we have of jane were all taken by him.

i love that i have creative friends who love doing this stuff with me. i would highly recommend trying this out! i think i learned a lot about angles and shadows just by messing around! let me know if you try because i want to see your work!


  1. oh, i love these. the dramatic b&w and shaddows is just so rad.

    1. Thank you marcia! its soooo fun you should try it!!

  2. Um. Incredible?!

    Also...you're totally babein'
    Take more selfies ;)

    1. i laughed out loud! thank you haha i might!


  3. I love these portraits, the lighting is so interesting! indoor is tough to shoot sometimes but you nailed it!
    Little Blue Backpack

  4. B-e-a-utiful!

    I love how dramatic these images look, and how Tumblr like they are. :)

    I might have to try this one day, and experiment with lighting myself.