Its Okay to be Young


a while back i was sitting behind a group of men a woman about the same age as my parents. on a day that should have been more about celebrating the young people in their lives, (graduation) they were all sitting there discussing the faults in my generation.

now believe me, i know we have some whopping faults. irresponsibility, entitlement, people be all like, forgetting to vote, etc.

but i sat there, so offended by their words. they stood around griping about all that is wrong and they took no responsibility for the people they had put across that stage. ( i could get in trouble for this.)

well as one to not dwell on the negative, here are a few things i actually love about my generation.

1. there is an appreciating for beauty in every day life. say what you will about instagram but people have made an art out of taking pictures of their food or shoes. i am able to see beauty all over the world just by scrolling with my thumb. and i like that.

2. we honestly believe we can do anything we set out to do. i'm sure a lot of dreams get crushed but everyone has a huge goal and they work for it. there are so many people who are so incredibly talented and i love that its shared with the world.

3. i love that i can lay on my bed in my tiny room in small town america, listen to my fan clicking, feel a pile of blankets bunched under me awkwardly, and listen to a song that a stranger wrote and it touches my heart in a way like my family or best friend would. music is more powerful now than i think its ever been. real and raw and soul baring stuff. and i appreciate that so very much.

4. we like to figure things out. whether thats things or people. or even the way the world works. its so interesting to hear different takes on life, simply from someone who grew up entierly different than yourself.

5. probably my favorite thing is that we want to badly to connect. this is made to sound like such a bad thing sometimes but i think if we are brave we would admit thats what we all want. this blog has been a shining example of that to me. i have been encouraged by girls i may never meet in real life, some that live all around the world, up and down. but we connected. and what i'm going through here, someone is going through something just like it, thousands of miles away. and i think that is a pure gift that we are able to encourage with our lives and our struggles. i think thats why Jesus talks so much about fellowship with the body or Christ. he knew we needed it to make it. he knew we would crave it. and he gave us each other for just such a purpose.

so yes i know we have flaws. i know mine well. but here is some love to my people. remember that its okay to be young. its okay to take deep breaths and enjoy your adventuring to the fullest. so create. experience. travel. dance. sing. explore. meet everyone and never stop learning. shoot for the moon and remember that a change in our world starts with the people who live in it. more specifically me. and you.


  1. I love this. We're generation X, because no one knows what we'll be. But all of us are freaking going for it. And that's what I love about us.

  2. This is wonderful, and so inspiring. I love our generation.

  3. Yes, yes and yes! We're not all that bad. We're dreamers sure, but boy do we know what to do with those dreams