Winter Challenge | In the Spring


^^temp tattoo of captain underpants from little man to "for to be brave." 

i will never understand how these things get started. like, what person in their right mind thinks, "oh i will go jump in freezing water! that will be so fun!" and i escaped it all winter! i watched people get challenged. i watch them jump in water or have a bucket dumped on their head and all i could think was, "you people are nuts."

needless to say, i got challenged a few weeks ago.

which wouldn't be so bad because its spring right?! i mean it should be warm. well because i live in virginia it had just snowed and all our lakes are big puddles of muddy ice water. stupid snow.

i don't mean to be to choppy here but i have something to say. i don't do things because of peer pressure. like never. if i don't want to do something i don't. it never bothers me when people are wanting me to do something and i turn them down. i guess i just have my dad sitting on my shoulder saying, "its okay baby, you don't have to do that stupid thing." and so i don't and i don't ever feel bad. (you can ask any friend ie the fire jumping incident.) don't get me wrong, i love to watch people do stupid things! its so fun! but i have never been one to risk safety just to be cool.

so what does that mean?! am i crazy too? i suppose so. my first thought when tucker and jesse challenged me was, "oh that would be so fun to blog!" and i guess it is, but after doing i am 100% sure i will never do that again. i couldn't hear out of my right ear for three days. and i got such bad charley horses in my legs that night. well whatever. i did it and it was actually pretty fun.

but seriously. never again.

 ^^i feel like these are a bunch of pictures of me looking super wimpy. i sat in my truck after with the heat on full blast. i felt like getting smacked with an iceberg. 

here is a little video of the whole thing. thanks noah for catching the video and thanks tara for the snaps! 

Winter Challenge from Abbey on Vimeo.


  1. hahaha, you are absolutely adorable. (and i have all sorts of love for your t-shirt) and i don't think i'd have the guts to do this. i think i should add to my bucket list though, sometimes you've just gotta be crazy.

  2. You are so great :) This is amazingly fun. I'd never do this though. I hate being cold too much. Thank you so much for not having me do this.

  3. i'm the same way, so i totally understand. i've never been one for peer pressure, if i don't want to do something like that, i don't. but sometimes its just good to go do something like that every once in a while! glad you had fun :)

  4. You are so brave!! haha well done, I am proud of you.

    p.s. It's so interesting to hear your voice after only knowing you through a written blog. Make more videos!

    1. haha that is so funny that you say that because sometimes i feel i should warn people of my high squeaky voice!