Week in Review


^^here is a picture of a succulent. 
this week man. it has been rough with a splash of awesome. here is a list because thats what i do one sundays.

worked all week.
my little man was sick all week.
sick little man means abbey gets sick.
suffering from a terrible cold and trying not to talk today.
said cold is already in my lungs.
that very same cold is making me dizzy.
i'm taking all the herbs.
didn't really do anything other than work this week.
except saturday we had an adventure.
that adventure was the best ever.
met a man with a goat farm (more on this later!)
met an artist named abby.
ate chicken and waffles (remembered the history of chicken and waffles, thank you food network.)
stopped a project.
started a painting.
wore shorts.
put away winter clothes.
i think thats all for this list.
going back to bed now.


  1. Get some rest and stop being so sick already! Let me know if you need anything, lady!

  2. oh no! praying for a fast recovery :( get better!!

    p.s. nice succulent :)

  3. Awww, no. I hope you recover soon girly!

    Naturally Jes