Saturday Adventures | Roanoke Virginia (on a sunday!)


i'll tell you what. sometimes i have a morning, just me and my coffee, (a good cup, perfect amount of cream, smooth like butta.) and i'm just sitting here, typing out blogs, singing my heart out to amber riley and that is all pretty perfect. i'm a.d.d so whenever i am doing something creative i can only concentrate for 20 minutes tops. thats why i have my instruments. i bounce from painting to piano, blogging to guitar, anything else to ukulele. i play for five minutes and i'm good to go.

gosh where am i going with that?

well it was a good morning so i thought i'd share.

okay anyway,

once upon a time we had the best day ever. have a said already that i love saturday adventures? well i do and let me tell you, the people i adventure with make or break it. this group might be the one to top all groups, (maybe) and we got to expirence some things together that i'll never forget. we all woke early, (okay eight, thats not really early...) and piled in noah's car to head to roanoke.

side note: why on earth have a never been there before? i mean other than the airport several times? (thanks dillon) its such a cool little city! so many things are still unexplored and i have lived right next to it for five years! how did i miss all that?

anyway, we arrived, parked and started to look around. (mostly for coffee) we found a neat little fountain, got lost with a walking gps, and on our way past a giant wall, we peeked inside an open door. that should be a tip for your adventures. if you see a door, look inside it. that door ended up being the back door to a theater and we met the lady who runs the stage setup. (there is a name for that but i can't remember it.) she showed us around and we ended up standing and talking to her for a while. she told us about how she had started working there small and then just ended up working her way up till she was the boss. such a cool person to meet! she then took us to the other part of the building and told us a little about what it was. we got to go all the way up to the roof and get a great view of roanoke.

next we headed down to the farmers market and this is probably my favorite part of the story. so there we were wondering around, laughing and having a grand old time when we spotted goat cheese samples.

Tip: want to get young people over to your table? hand out samples.

so of course we went straight over. amid our oohs and aahhs over how delicious it was, we started talking to the man behind the table. his name was spencer and he was so funny. he answered all our silly questions we threw at him, "whats your favorite goat," "do you drink it straight," and "do you have any pictures?" turns out he did have pictures and when he showed us, tara pointed to the blurry picture of a lady in the picture and asked if that was his wife. only for all intensive purposes it look like she was just pointing to the picture of the goat and asking. jane was shocked and shrieked, "tara! he isn't married to a goat!" it was just a lovely time getting to know him. we took a picture and left our new friend thinking how great it would be to own goats. i think we left him thinking we were all on the crack. you can see a little about their farm here.

the next person we met turned out to be an artist named abby! i was so excited about how cool her business cards were, that i totally missed the name until tara pointed it out. she made the most beautiful pottery and we all bought a mug while we stood there talking. she was so nice and told us a little about the studio she works in. she is super talented and i love my mug so much! you can see a little about her here. (she also was nice enough to take a picture! i love people.)

 after a little more looking around we stopped for lunch at thelmas chicken and waffles. (more on this next friday!) during our lunch we got to talking about our new friend farmer spencer. after thoroughly stalking him and his family we decided that we needed to know more of this goat farm business! and so after lunch we marched back up to his table and told him we wanted to come help on the farm for the day. well actually it was more like jane walked up to him and told him his address and that we knew where he lived and tara chimed in with saying we wanted to give him free labor. i think this might have added to the fact that he thought we were on drugs but we worked out a time and day of when we would come and after a few more laughs and pokes we headed out.

the car ride back we talked about farms and who we would bring and what we would wear and all the things normal farmers talk about.

we just had no idea. 

i will share more of our goat venture this week, but for now, enjoy this lovely saturday trip to a little virginia city i still know very little about.

^^my roommates. what a good time! 
 ^^just another prime example of all that jane will to for the gram. #doitforthegram
 ^^you know, just getting lost first thing.
 ^^it doesn't matter that these fish have names, they will forever be "nemo's" now.
 ^^these trusty shoes have taken me places in life!
 ^^i literally could not ask for a better adventure group!
^^after this picture our lives changed.
 ^^"is that your wife?!" tara points to a goat...
^^farmer spencer!
^^aaaand we are all out of focus...

 ^^i just got so excited about how cool her cards were i didn't even notice her name was abby!
 ^^abbys, artists, twinsies.

happy saturday everyone! make it count! also, shop local this saturday! i know thats such a hipster thing to say but it so worth it!


  1. Your photos are wonderful! It looks like a fun day :)

  2. I read this while sipping coffee out of my Abby mug. What a great adventure that was.

    1. it really was!! I wish we could do it again and see more!

  3. How do you have time for all these adventures?! gosh i envy you :)

    1. haha sam i have planned my life around them this year! sometimes you gotta work to live it all out! that is probably a terrible way to think, i should be saving or something. but right now i'm laughing while i say it but really...yolo.

      maybe one day my adventures will bring me back to Australia! ;)