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ice cream makes me sick.

tragedy of life right there. there is a hormone that is given to cows to make them grow, and my body does not like it. not one bit. that means no hamburgers, no cheese, no milk, no ice cream. (except for organic grass fed things.) i will be real though, i eat it anyway sometimes. cheese and milk aren't so hard to get hormone free, but ice cream is a different story. and when i want to eat some soft serve, (and suffer later) i head over to mr. goodies in the good old lynchvegas.

mr. goodies is one of those small, soft serve ice cream places that sits in a parking lot and never moves. there are a couple of those in town, but mr. goodies always has a line as long as a baptist potluck on Easter sunday. and that is because its the best. its also the farthest away from everything, but it is so worth the drive. and who doesn't love driving to get ice cream in the summer? windows down, music up, i always seem to get my redneck on during those drives. i took tara there for the first time this week and then together we took colleen. if you live in lynchburg and you haven't been yet, you are doing it wrong. here are some snaps of our visit with colleen!

 ^^one of my favorite people i've met in lynchburg! love you colleen!

 such a good time with good people! there was even live music from a local group called kinfolk and we got to hear the virginia state fiddle champ play a few songs. it was the perfect way to end a day. make sure to keep an eye out this week, its going to be a great week for blogging! i am finally going to talk about some goats.


  1. Dang! How 'bout all those ads over there??? You go!

  2. oh wow, this looks like so much fun! especially the live music part with the fiddle champ. those kinds of things with that kind of music just doesn't happen here, especially in that genre. i tell folks i play the banjo and they're like 'what?' like i'm lying or some kind of freak. ha.
    anyway, enjoying your posts!

  3. That looks so yummy! Seriously, what is it about ice cream in the heat that is so irresistible? Looks like a fun time.