Week in Review | on Monday


yes i know its monday. my days got a little off this week and my recovery is just to push everything back a day. this monday has started and i feel like its already punching me in the face.

i woke up this morning with the largest headache in the history of all my headaches. which honestly isn't hard, i never get headaches. the weird part is its not from dehydration, which 90% of headaches are. and so i'm just hoping that coffee will help.

this week was pretty great though! here is a list of the happenings.

work was great every day. little man was hilarious this week.
taco tuesday happened yet again.
jack came to visit!
we played a lot of bs. (the card game!)
allergies. (boo.)
first photography/therapy session with micah. (but really.)
watched survivor.
ate cinnamon rolls in ball form. (thank you cake pop machine and noah.)
more work.
getting things figured out for life. 
spending time with cesia.
dinner at noahs with cesia.
all that southern food y'all.
bee sting.
lake with marly
hunting down slurpees.
great talks/plan making.

it really was a great week! i have to tell you a quick story though.

this will tell you just how much of a crunchy granola i actually am. growing up i never thought we were hippies but the older i get, the more i look at the things my family does and i just know, we are crunchy. we do a lot of "natural" stuff i'll just put it that way.

so there we were standing around at lynchstock, waiting for the next band to get set up. noah and i were down near the front talking and what do you know, i felt that sharp sting on my upper forearm. i hate bees. i really do, my stings always swell up really big and itch like crazy. i hadn't been stung by one in a really long time so when i felt it, i was so surprised that it didn't register right away. when it did i sucked in my breath and brought my arm up to look at it. i watched the large bee float away and i honestly don't know what kind it was. then in the span of a few seconds i told noah i got stung and whipped around to starting looking on the ground for some plantain.

-plantain is a common weed that most people have in their yard.

when i found some i immediately grabbed a little handful and popped it in my mouth and started chewing. i spit out the slimy blob and stuck it on my sting and smeared it around. then i started apologizing to noah and spitting it out like my life depended on it. (it is not such a pleasant taste in your mouth.) but you know what? it really does work! yes i walked around with a dark green snot ball on my arm, but the stinging died down in a few minutes, it barely swelled at all, and it doesn't itch one bit!

and that kids is your tip for the summer weeks! hope your mondays awesome! do you have any natural tips for me!?

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  1. You give Bear Grills a run for his money, you really do :)

    p.s. those cinnamon balls sound amazing!!