Tuesday Travels | Throwback to England


as i might have mentioned before, i had the opportunity to travel a lot in high-school. on one such trip we were able to stop in London England for the day! it was such a fun whirlwind of a day we saw all the famous things and were complete tourists snapping pictures as we walked. everything was exciting and everything we all felt was from a movie. that is until we walked up to Buckingham Palace. i think that as a child you have great dreams of what a palace is. watching Cinderella, i had such high hopes for what we would see. we were all marching along when suddenly we stopped and someone said, well this is it.

and we all just sort of stared.

and someone said, "that's Buckingham palace?!"

because honestly in my high-school brain all i could think was, "dang, the white house is so much cooler. . ."

totally disappointing but good to note that i should try to marry a president instead of a prince. or at least a prince from a country with a cooler palace. (just kidding of course.)

everything else about London i truly loved though! big ben was fantastic and i really did love seeing the red buses everywhere. although our stay was short and we were walking around on very little sleep, London was lovely and i would love to go back someday. here are some snaps from my terrible point and shoot!

 ^^my youth pastor and wife! haha i love them.

 ^^ i mean its not so bad. just not what we were expecting.
 ^^ "mind the gap!"

 ^^ King Richard the lion heart. super cool because i loved Robin hood.

 ^^westminster abbey.
 ^^big ben himself.
 ^^looking pretty good i think for a dorky 18 year old with no sleep!

 things i was thinking while i looked through these;
1. i miss my long hair.
2. parliament was way cooler looking than anything else we saw.
3. every single one of these pictures reminds me of mr bean.


  1. ugh. now I have london feels.
    "dang, the white house is so much cooler." << I DIED LAUGHING.

    1. hahah i'm glad you laughed, i was so bummed out!

  2. Haha love your story!! I've yet to see London, it looks pretty awesome :D

    1. even though your dreams of living in a palace will be crushed, i highly recommend going haha! ;)