Snowday | a Short film on st patricks day


Snow Day from Abbey on Vimeo.
this is my first little attempt at video! part of a project to keep me dwelling on all the good things in life and i have to say, it did the trick! we had so much fun making this on st patricks day. (that is why everything is green!) while i am still waiting and hoping for warm weather this was actually a really fun snow day. thanks little man for your dancing and laughing skills, you keep me smiling! music by ben rector -forever like that.

today i am working on a to do list and after a morning of having to stop halfway through each thing, i started the list backwards and have crossed off a lot! my room/house is finally clean and i am getting more and more excited for this weekend! alrighty that was enough of a break so its back to work for me! happy wednesday!


  1. This was cute. Very relaxing and touching all at the same time. :)

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  2. I'm loving the films. Do more!