Common Grounds Project | Brittany Foose


i had the opportunity this week to sit down with my friend Brittany Foose. i'm going to be honest, sometimes i forget her name is brittany. she was introduced to me as foose, and thats what i always think of her as. (okay maybe sometimes Foosey.) foose is so great! she is such a soul sister to me and i find the more i get to know her, the more i share in common with her. she is the best and most Godly hippie i have ever known and i can't wait to see where the Lord takes her.

we had mocha's at the new chocolate place downtown and i highly recommend it. its a great quiet study place with wonderful coffee and free wifi. also who wants to go and split the chocolate fondue with me? anyone? alrighty, here is our #commongroundsproject interview.

Me: What was the first rule from the Liberty way that you broke?

Foose: oh gosh, what was it? Umm….i’m thinking all the way back to freshman year, the first one that I can remember, I don’t know if this breaks it…right before classes started we snuck cupcakes out of our dorm past curfew and some guys came and grabbed them. It was like way past curfew . . .

Me: If you could do anything in the world what would it be?

Foose: oh my gosh I would love to be paid to travel and to teach people things they need to know, to just love on people and make it pretty around them. That’s why I haven’t found a job because there is nothing like that.

Me: What country is top on your list to visit?

Foose: I think my heart is always going to be in India a little bit. I guess today I’m feeling like I want to visit Turkey. I guess Spain and Turkey and those places. I would love to live in a little apartment there. I guess that’s what I’m feeling today.

Me: What’s your favorite article of clothing?

Foose: cardigans and skinnies! I honestly, being real, leggings would be my fav. If I could just live in leggings and enormous sweatshirts from goodwill. I found one, one time that had this huge guardian angle on it. But I didn’t buy it because I’m trying to down size…life choices you know.

Me: Tell me a fun fact?

Foose: what is fun? Uuhh…how many periods are you putting in here right now…I have a secret that I’m being paid like a million dollars to not tell you just kidding…but one day I can tell you my fun fact…what else? I’m short. I literally can’t think of any fun facts.

Me: What song best describes your life?

Foose: I was made for Sunny days by the Weepies. If you haven’t listened to them yet you should.

Me: You knew that really fast I’m surprised.

Foose: Yea I’m decisive about that. Also fun fact, people actually have favorite colors when you ask them. I didn’t realize you could actually have a favorite color for every day of your life.

Me: yea I think I have like a favorite color every different day… okay, If you could be the oldest tree in the world or the youngest seedling what would you be?

Foose: the youngest seedling because there is so much potential to grow. I would just try to be friends with the oldest tree so I could learn from them. You know, how to be a tree and stuff.

Me: such a good answer. I love that! Have you ever wet your pants?

Foose: as a child yea.

Me: What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Foose: I guess the fact that I am up for pretty much anything. My flexibility.

Me: That’s one of my favorite things about you too!

Foose: Oh thank you!

Me: Describe your perfect day.

Foose: April 23! No just kidding! My perfect day, I would wake up early, be able to spend time with the Lord go on a run, probably at black water . . . I freaking love that place, Come back; hang out with friends get coffee, just whatever ends up happening. Hang out at someone’s house. Yea I wouldn’t be alone by myself for very long of it…because that’s boring and scary.

Me: Do you collect anything?

Foose: I don’t think I do. Do I? I really don’t. I’ve been trying to make sure that everything I have has a purpose. Like instead of having a lot of mugs I have a few but with sentimental value. Then I don’t become a hoarder.

Me: I really appreciate that about you.

Foose: (laughing) thank you!

Me: You seem artsy, do you do any form of art?

Foose: yea I paint, I knit, I take photos. I’m looking at getting a 55mm lens! I’m so excited. I write sometimes, though I haven’t figured out the right avenue of getting published. One of my professors wanted to publish one of my papers. (Humble brag) I played piano 12 years. If I couldn’t be creative life would just be really difficult there would be something missing. The days I am not able to be creative its just kind of a drag. Its just missing a little zest I think. I just used the word zest in a sentence…

Me: If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Foose: beans and rice probably. Its delicious, cheap, and you can put anything on it. I can use my rice cooker for it!

Me: Words of advice?

Foose: Don’t worry so much about what you are doing, worry about the person you are becoming. The rest will just kinda flow from there. Especially as Christians, not being so performance driven.

Me: Anything else?

Foose: abbey I just want to come to Nashville with you! I want to live everywhere! Maybe someday, once I get my teachers licensure. (laughing) 

 ^^best hippie hair ever.

 ^^after her first sip, "this is amazing!!"

 we decided that today that purple is our favorite color. thanks for sitting down with me Foose! you are a wonderful person and i love you so very much! thanks for always showing the love of Jesus in a totally pure and natural way.

 all photos are taken with a nikon d700 & 50mm


  1. Again, this was so fun to read. Foose (or Brittany if we're being legitimate) sounds like such a fun character.

    You know a lot of amazing people, it's crazy. :)

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  2. thanks! I do have really interesting friends! haha