Travel Tuesday | NYC


this past fall my best friend from high school tied the knot with her man. it was such a beautiful wedding in the prettiest weather in the prettiest part of New Jersey. the colors were so nice and as we were driving i kept saying, "THIS is New Jersey!?" it was great. my truck was having all kinds of problems so my roommate Tara made the trip with me and my sister Leah rode back with us. we were so far up in nj that we decided we would go stay in a hotel close to nyc the night after the wedding and get up early and run around the city for a couple hours before driving back. that is all an adventure in itself but i don't have many pictures of it. lets just say we got lost, found some pizza in the bronx, stayed in probably the nicest hotel i've ever been in Yonkers (thanks dad fabling!) and then got up early to drive to Hoboken where we got breakfast and a train. Once we were in the city we basically ran around the streets and hung out in the park and then ran back to the train. best 2.5 hours you could spend. it was such a fun time! the city is so pretty and totally a photographers dream in the fall. i always want to go back, and looking at these makes me want to visit even more! thanks for being so great to us new york. you were a dream.

^^you are probably so sick of pictures of buildings by now!

^^we sang on this railing.

^^this is my fascination with central park! the beautiful trees with the skyscrapers sprouting up behind them. its just such a great thing.

^^pretzel in the park!

 ^^the one, the only! . . .wait.

i love you new york. 
 all photos are taken with a nikon d700 & 50mm


  1. I seem to be constantly travelsick for New York but this made me miss it even more. :) Beautiful pictures my friend. We need to have our You've Got Mail adventure there this fall.

    1. Guys. Fun fact. I've been on a You've Got Mail tour in NYC.


  2. Come to Australia so we can hang. K thanks :) x

    1. oh man, fun fact. i actually spent a month in Australia when i was 15! Mostly in the Brisbane area. =) hopefully i'm going to go a throwback travel tuesday to that if i can ever find all the pictures. haha i had braces then!

      but for real, i would love love love to go back someday! we were there working so we didn't see much, except for out the van window and the camp. its such a great country and i love it! if you ever happen to be in Nashville (haha) you have a couch with your name on it because i would love to hang with you too!