Nina | Pregnancy Shoot


i have some really beautiful friends you know? a couple weekends ago i was falling asleep one night and got this really clear urge from Jesus to go make my friend let me take her picture. i know that sounds so odd but my wonderful friend hates getting her picture taken and i knew that i would have to tell her, "Jesus told me to so dont fuss!" and so i did. (she did fuss a little but whatever. . .)

so the next morning i packed up my bag and walked up a very long hill to her house, (with tara) armed with a curling iron make-up and my camera. and even though she wasn't entirely happy with me in the moment, i couldn't be happier with how they turned out! i hope in a couple years she will forgive me and like the pictures. and maybe even let me post the rest!

i love you Nina and you are one beautiful person! thanks for being friends with me even when i'm crazy and don't want to play Sherlock. you are the best!

 ^^one of my favorites forever!
 ^^look at that hair! 
^^my first picture with the baby!

all photos are taken with a nikon d700 & 50mm

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  1. These are so lovely!! She may not love them now but she'll treasure them forever I am sure.

    You are very talented missy! x