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Valentines day has always been one of my favorite holidays. you can get all your complaining and gripes out because i have never cared that most people hate it. i have never been in love but i sure do love a lot of people and so the day for me has always been about friendship and showing the people in my life that i love them. i love making valentines although some years i do just buy them. this year i got my craft on and made some pretty cute ones! i even found them on pinterest! of course i forgot to take a picture though.

honestly though this v-day was quite a bummer. for many reasons but the main being that it had snowed so much i couldn't give anyone their valentines in the morning before i had to work. sad day. and then there were just other things that happened that added to my bummed out-ness. but all such moping was pushed away as soon as i heard this lovely Jane sing. . . or at least a couple songs in.

what can i say about Jane? i am only now getting to know her and i wish my college life hadn't been lived without her humor. she has the voice of an angel the personality of a rainbow and the face of a person with a beautiful face. she makes me laugh a lot and has really good thoughts. she is also one heck of a writer and i can't wait to see where life takes her. all summed up into one? she is neat.

so the show made me a wee bit happier. and i got to enjoy it with some quality people. and i took some pictures of some good looking kids while they sang/played. and it was wonderful.

 ^^never in my life have i seen so many people in the white hart.
  ^^such a beauty.

so happy valentines day! (a couple weeks late) i hope you had a magical one. that was filled with love and maybe some chocolate. if you forgot to remind people you love them, you have a lot of days you can do just that. if you want to check out Jane's music you can go here, if you want to check out her instagram (she's pretty gooood) you can see it here!

all photos are taken with a nikon d700 & 50mm

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