The White Hart


One of my all time favorite coffee shops is open again! the white hart is a special place for many of us lynchburg-ers. i personally have some really great memories in there, and it also helps that they have really good coffee. . . seriously that mocha is my favorite out of anywhere. i mean who needs starbucks when you can support local business and its better?! i truly love that place and i hope that we can keep it open this time. here is a tip to help that; don't just go and use the internet without buying anything. if you're that poor, just stay at home. here are some pictures of my "work day" from a couple days ago. i really like working for myself.

 Camera used: Nikon D700 edited in photoshop with film grain added.


  1. I love that one of Tara and I! :)
    You are so talented!!

  2. Your pictures are so pretty! I'm glad I get to read your blog. I love local coffee shops. -natalia