Cori & Tony Married.


I cannot tell the story without crying. in the last couple years the Lord has let me witness a beautiful transformation of two people giving him their lives. Tony and Cori have been such an example to those of us who have know Christ for a long time. their excitement and hunger for all things gospel is so challenging to me and i love that their excitement rubs off on me. watching them marry each other was all the icing on all the cake. it was a beautiful ceremony on a day with just the right amount of clouds and a small gathering of people to witness. i love being a part of weddings that put Jesus first and leave me feeling blessed. here are some of my favorite shots of the day.

 ^^oh my goodness this picture!^^
 ^^cori is just plain stunning.^^

 ^^probably the best face i've ever seen at a wedding. . .^^

 ^^this guy!^^
 ^^one of my all time favorite pictures right here!^^

Congratulations tony & cori! the Lord bless you and keep you!

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