I'm back.


hello blog world! its been far to long since i have been a part of you! let me first say that in the month(s) i've been away many pictures were taken, many thoughts were written down on napkins and scraps of paper, (most of which i lost) and i say all that to put out there that i have indeed been blogging, just in my head. . .
so much has happened in the last two months, its sounds a little crazy saying it all out loud. two car accidents, broken bones, trips to the ER, sickness, new jobs, lots of weddings booked, new friends, surprises, and many, many things learned about the Lord. How easy it would be for me to just be unhappy about life and what it has been throwing at me. but today, i am sitting at my favorite coffee shop in Lynchburg, with two of my favorite ladies, drinking hot coca and editing my little heart out. there is so much about my life that i love! and even though it would be so easy to dwell on the bad, its so much more fun to live in victory. I am loved by the creator, he has given me gifts and he only does marvelous things. how can i not be happy.

Wedding season is going to start in just one week! i am partially afraid i will die in the next couple months! so much traveling and working! but i am so excited to be a part of all of these beautiful wedding days and see what adventures wait in these travels. I know its going to be wonderful.

so happy fall all of you people. enjoy the cold, the pumpkin, and the adventure. life is to short to be unhappy. . . and it could always be worse right?!

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