Travels: Charlottesville VA


i have the dearest friend kim! i have known her since my first year of college and we have gone through all of it together. i think you know you have a true friend when you can love each other through the rough times, and she has done that for me. i love her so much, she is a true beauty inside and out, she is my muse, my soul sister, and one of my best friends. all that to say that a little over a week ago was her birthday and so we traveled to Charlottesville to explore and spend the day with her. charlottesville is so great and so cute! we have gone so many times throughout the school year just to get away and romp the town. i have so many good memories there and every time i go back i make more. there are so many places i want to eat at and so many things left to see. how will i ever see it all?

here are a few pictures from the day!

 ^^gosh that hair!^^
 ^^by the way i cut hair, if you live in lynchburg that is. . .^^

 ^^i just love her!^^

 ^^such a beautiful campus!^^
^^my latest obsession is bicycles.^^